The Market & Opportunity

While agriculture faces a multitude of challenges, a segment of farmers distinctly stand-out in the villages of India. These farmers- often contrarian & discerning investors, are ahead of the learning curve & early adopters of innovation. They invest money in agriculture as they would in business, seeking healthy long-term returns; understanding ways and means by which their operations would be sustainable. We call such farmers, Villfarmers.  

The Villfarmer is a farmer by choice.

Villfarmers have the same challenges as every other farmer; yet their motivations about agriculture are stronger than their fears.

For the Villfarmer, farming is a planned business activity; pro-active & understanding of the impact of practices & timeliness-on crop performance.

Villfarmer plans are grounded in a healthy mix of modern techniques and traditional wisdom.

For the Villfarmer, agriculture is a collective activity, in which every member of the family contributes.

The VillFarmer is acutely aware of the damages caused to soil health- by deficiency of organic carbon and indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers. He is also aware that pest and diseases are seasonal- & a function of poor agricultural practices. He is constantly applying mind to balancing sustainability with profitability. By investing in soil health and crop practice improvements. To the VillFarmer, the Yield Gap is the opportunity.

Yield Gap: Our Understanding

We recognize yield gap to be the difference between the potential yield of a given crop at a given location and the actual yield realized by farmers for a given reference climatic condition.


The genetic potential of any crop affected by a host of factors- moisture availability, weather conditions, soil quality and by macro nutrients Nitrogen,Phosphorus or Potassium.


In addition to GAP I factors, crop-specific micronutrient availability affects the yield.


In typical farm conditions, in addition to GAPs I and II, biotic stresses i.e., pests and diseases, complimented often by indiscriminate use of chemical pesticides result in further yield deficits. The VillFarmer knows that Agriculture is a system that binds many streams of knowledge, tied-together by practices & methods that affect the outcome - yield. The VillFarmer is alive to the reality that indiscriminate application of agri-chemicals, apart from being grossly inadequate to bridge the yield gap, hurt soil health, compromise user safety and impacts the environment. To keep his business sustainable and profitable, the VillFarmer is both willing and able to view his business- of agriculture, as a system that needs to be viewed holistically. He uses a wise combination of traditional & modern practices- to profit from agriculture.

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