Organic Carbon - The Soul of Soil:

We tend to take for granted, this wonderful material. For all its simplicity, carbon- more accurately its deficit, is the most challenging issue being faced by agriculture today. Carbon is what feeds microbes- which process it and release macro & micro-nutrients in plant-available form. This wonder material could come from a multitude of sources; bio-char & agri-waste, coal & humus, cow dung and farm yard manure or fine organic manure, each with their unique characteristics and suitability for soil & crop combinations. Villfarm has 4 products (Soil Nourish series & Soil Boost) all carefully chosen for their utility in managing the carbon & nutrient balance in the soil.

Moisture Management:

Water Bank - an innovative hydrogel molecule developed by IARI / PUSA, is an effective moisture management product. It absorbs large quantities of water and through its slow release mechanism, makes moisture available to plant root systems over time. Thus, the farmer controls the irrigation frequency- our farmers report 40% to 70% saving in water & power costs. With water and nutrition being available simultaneously, increased yield is often reported. Our future products in this line will combine moisture management with biological controls & micro nutrient delivery.

Growth Agents:

Each crop has certain a genetic structure which affects its growth in unique ways. Knowing the right growth-triggers for each crop, understanding the value of timing of nutrient dosage for each crop’s growth schedule and applying the right methods, helps us extract the most of the plant’s genetic potential. Our crop solutions in this range address not just the choice of nutrient & medium of carriage, but also their timing & dosage- in practice. All, in an environmentally responsible manner.

Microbes - For Nutrition, Abiotic and Biotic Stress Management:

Different bacteria and fungi have a symbiotic relationship in the crop eco-system. Each organism has been carefully selected and delivered to ensure that they are effective and functional. These formulations have been developed for each crop in a given eco-system.

Our Practices - Facilitator, the Crop Champion:

He facilitates attainment, of optimum genetic yield potential of the crop, by making available, a combination of high quality inputs, timed to the crop’s growth stages, in an ecologically responsible manner. His knowledge is powered by a state-of-art information communication platform on his smart phone / tablet pc that connects him to a knowledge bank and crop experts. This proprietary tools helps Villfarm collect, transmit and synthesize crop-health information & disseminate good-practices information, in a smart-manner. Our Crop Champion is trained and skilled by a team of experts with deep insight of crop dynamics.

Range of Products:

Villfarm has a range of microbial and bio-chemical molecules that address various touch points for orchestrating optimum yields and sustainability. These are developed from of years of research and practical application, on each chosen crop. Our portfolio of products covers:

Bio stimulants (Nutri Root,Nutri Shoot,Bulb Max, Leaf Max, Cane Gain, Leaf Max, Nutri Max Melon, Banana Max, Flower Power)

Nutrient Stress (Soil Nourish P, Soil Nourish K, Nutri P, Nutri K, Mineral Max, Nutri Cal, Nut Max, Bunch Punch)

Salt stress ( Soil Nourish, Soil Boost , Nutri 4)

Heat stress ( Water Bank, Bio Shield)

Water stress (Water Bank)

pH stress (Nutri Buffer)

Fungal stress (Rot Shield)

Nematode stress (Patho Shield)

Germination stress (Seed Gro)

Adjuvants (Spread Max)

Bacterial stress (Product under development)

Insect stress (Product under development)

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